16 May

When they said money didn't grow on trees, they probably forgot about cannabis, the most profitable crop earth ever knew. But like any other business, a cannabis growth business requires a reasonable amount of preparation in order to be successful. The question is, what type of preparation are we talking about exactly?


First of all, do some research. Find out where you might set the business up, considering the laws, fees and taxes that apply. Remember that cannabis businesses don't get the usual deductions enjoyed by other trades, so know where you will be able to save the most on your overhead while allowing you to maximize growth potential. Also into availability of utilities, whether major renovations are necessary to be in compliance, etc.


A start-up business is a lot like an adventure. Many fail within their first three to five years due to lack of resources to get them through unanticipated problems. Don't think success will come overnight. You need think long-term, especially in terms of potential issues and how you plan to resolve them.

The Right People

Growing cannabis at CannabisFN as a business requires hard work. For sure, you won't be enough, so build a team that can compensate for your weaknesses, and be sure to treat them right. You can be genuinely nice and professional at the same time. On the other hand, always be prepared for the unexpected. Implement a system that ensures your business will continue to run smoothly despite hitches, such as a key employee not coming to work. Stay open to fresh talent and provide opportunities for advancement.


The cannabis industry at CannabisFN has grown immensely in the last ten years.

New companies are appearing everywhere, so if you're thinking of starting your business in a certain area, there's a good chance others are already there or will be starting soon. The idea is to know your competitors, but don't meet them head on. Instead, go with the flow but come up something unique so that you stand out. Good branding means presenting your products uniquely, attractively and consistently.

Customer Orientation

Nowadays, you can't just throw a product on the market and wish it sells. Aside from physical branding (for example, packaging), you have to connect with customers emotionally, making it clear to them why they should pick you and not the others. More than that, educate your customers about your products and they can help. Packaging should not only be attractive to the eye. It should also be informative, with the label including such details as how and the plants, what benefits they offer, and so on. Finally make your product something that people can connect with. Use the social media to interact with your current or potential customers. In this age of information technology, a business has no excuse for being distant. For more facts about cannabis, visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/science/medical-cannabis.

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